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Club for sale!

A mess of the highest order
by DJ Johnny B on 06/10/2016

Irregular site contributor DJ Johnny B offers his thoughts on the current takeover discussions and rows around the parties involved.

A mess of the highest order

Irregular site contributor DJ Johnny B offers his thoughts on the current takeover discussions and rows around the parties involved.

So where are we?

Well, this is a mess of the highest order.

A mass of confusing financial detail, easy to make but harder to keep promises, poor communications from all concerned, incomplete information from all parties… I could go on. As time goes by it looks more and more like a fait accompli.

Just what the members make of the drip drip of more and more intrusive inclusion in the running of the club over the past few months plus the attempt to legally change its constitution, I have no idea.

Had I been a member I would have queried this vociferously long ago expressing amazement that we have found ourselves in such an apparently dire situation. Maybe they are a totally trusting and pliant lot? I don’t know many so I cannot make such a sweeping generalisation other than pose the question.

So the situation now, not very subtly, is presented as: if we don’t choose this option promptly then we’re stuffed. Unsurprisingly it seems, if I sense the atmosphere correctly, that people are getting tired of the complications and polarised sides of the debate and increasingly feel “he comes across well” /“sounds like a decent guy” /“they aren’t ambitious”/”that’s not enough money” and just want it over and done with, preferring to concentrate on the improved fortunes and entertainment of the team on the pitch. Understandable but…the very future and nature of our club is at stake here and simplistic judgements are dangerous in the extreme.

Concrete facts are needed from both sides as there are so many contradictions in what we have heard. Those of us with initial misgivings remain extremely doubtful, others seem to have been swayed by the limited ‘facts’ they have been presented with, others sit on the fence unsure which way to fall. On this point, surely any concept of due diligence should not be just a historical financial thing (although this has proved worrying enough) Some now seem resigned to thinking “oh, it all sounds OK, that’s business, let’s go with it”.

What information have we had?

The interviews on Digger Dagger were very interesting and to some extent illuminating but certainly in no way conclusive. There appear to be a plethora of things going on behind the scenes, legal and otherwise, that none of us have full knowledge of. How on earth members make an informed decision here is beyond me.

The suggestion that both sides (and just why can’t they collaborate if they both have the best interests of the club at heart?) hold meetings for both fans and members to explain their case and answer questions seems an obvious and eminently sensible one…as long as the right questions are asked.

I have long thought that one of these should be “Can you guarantee, no matter what happens, that you will still be financially actively involved with the well-being of the club in 5/10 years’ time?” To me that is the big issue; not the immediate short term, even though that does now seem critical, but the medium and long term.

A stated desire “to be involved here for the rest of my life”, taken at face value, is positive and encouraging but sits very uneasily with “…and to be honest boredom could set in” which has lodged itself in my mind and could well come back to haunt us in the not too distant. And the target to be back “into the Football League in the next two years and into League One two years after that" is of course laudable in many respects and bound to curry favour but is it either realistic or desirable given our very recent history?

Think back to the Rotherham play off final, a great day we’d all agree I’m sure but probably the start of all our subsequent troubles, both on and off the pitch. Division 1 was an almighty struggle from the first whistle (and probably financially off the pitch too), even if in a perverse way a kind of fun; we saw some big clubs, visited some big grounds and were a jot unlucky to go down. But how sustainable was it on crowds of not much more than 2000? Is that likely to be any different in 5/10 years time?

I’ve asked several people what they think our natural (if there is such a thing) level is. The most common answer is mid to top Conference. Call it lack of ambition but that feels right to me. I’ve been interested to see some of our more recent fans clearly enjoying the Conference experience after witnessing some grim times over the past few years. As others have posited on the Forum actions will very soon speak louder than words. Within days of a takeover I predict dissent (e.g. don’t bulldoze the club shop; don’t have 10 matches in 14 days on the pitch etc.)

What will the club look like after 17th October?

So I think what I am saying is that I want a content, financially prudent club to be in existence in 10/20/50 years time, long after I’ve gone. Changes within the club clearly have to be made – in many ways it feels locked in the 1970’s amateur days - but I’m not sure that automatically means the highest amount of money thrown at the issue is the answer. It needs to be far more nuanced and clever than that. Do we actually have the “potential to be a big club”?

Maybe, but that cannot mean a reprise League One scenario with journeymen pros on their way down and barely winning any home games as a result and all mono funded by someone who could be here one season gone the next. A more sustained and consistent financial input seems to be far more desirable.

I am really not being a curmudgeon; I really care about my club and its future. I know others, who will have a vote, do also. I repeat my plea to them to think about what sort of club you want in the medium and long term, being realistic about our locale, catchment, gates etc. whilst remembering that virtually all clubs of our stature have visions of grandeur but, sadly, we can’t all succeed.

It might just be preferable to put everyone involved together in one room, sort out an immediate solution to our current ills and then plan longer term, together.

 is an independent website and the views expressed are not necessarily those of Dagenham & Redbridge Football Club