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The seeming inability to score despite being in the right place at the right time.




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In 1993,The Daggers lost 0-1 to Runcorn Away in the GM Vauxhall Conference 

In 1999,The Daggers drew 3-3 with Enfield at Home in the Ryman League Premier 

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Club for sale!

Takeover Update
by Hardy on 29/09/2016

With the date of the EGM to vote on the future of the Daggers now set, this is a short update of news since that announcement.

Takeover Update

With the date of the EGM to vote on the future of the Daggers now set as reported here, this is a short update of news since that announcement.

Note that the full documents issued to Members ahead of the meeting are available to download from Dropbox here with thanks to "Auntie Merge".

No Fans Forum

When we interviewed Glenn Tamplin for this site he indicated that he would look to meet the fans ahead of a decision being made. Last week he rang DiggerDagger to say that he was being advised not to do this.

In the call, Mr Tamplin explained "The Easts are making this as difficult as possible and throwing legal hurdles in front of the process at every turn. They have accused the board of not ensuring that there is a level playing field for each of the bids and of favouring us."

"As a result I have been advised not to commit to a forum before the vote, but, if we win, I will have one as soon as possible afterwards so that Daggers fans can meet me and the other investors and we can outline our plans for the club and address any concerns."

This is disappointing, but as reported previously, it appears that relationships between the two parties bidding are now somewhat frosty.

Have there been threats?

A story grew out of a thread on the Daggers forum, Views from the Sieve, where it was stated that the Easts had been told that they would never be welcome at the club again should Glenn Tamplin win.

So what is the truth? We contacted both Glenn Tamplin and the Easts for comment.

Mr Tamplin told us that he had never told the Easts that they would not be welcome or that they would be banned from the club. He told us that he wanted more, not less, people at the club.

The Easts told us that they had received an "unprovoked" text at 16.45 on 24th June telling them that they would not be allowed to continue as presidents. The Easts kindly let us have copies of the text in question, and the two that preceded it. From those texts the following picture emerges:

On or around 13th June, before the consortium was formed, the Easts spoke with Glenn Tamplin about joining his bid to buy the club.

On 14th June Glenn Tamplin sent two texts to Brian East. In those texts he thanked the Easts for speaking with him, but said that he had decided to proceed to buy the club on his own. He went on to say that he thought that it would be a good idea for them to come on board once the sale was complete and that he would like to meet with them to discuss if and how they would be involved. He made it clear that he was offering no guarantees, but said that he was sure that they would reach an agreement to involve them.

At lunchtime on 24th June Gerry Hanning gave an interview to Phoenix FM, which you can hear here, on behalf of the newly formed consortium. The interview did not name Glenn Tamplin, but it did question the motives of the person seeking to buy the club and suggested that proper due diligence had not been carried out. The interview went on to reveal that the Easts were a part of the consortium.

At 16.35 Glenn Tamplin sent a text to Brian East which started "wow", the implication being that he was surprised. He said that obviously he would no longer be able to consider the Easts as partners and that they would no longer be able to be presidents if he won. The text concludes by wishing the Easts luck with their rival bid and that there were no hard feelings.

What do we make of this?

There was no obvious ban or statement that the Easts would be unwelcome. On the surface it appears that Mr Tamplin was reacting in surprise to learning that the people he had offered to sit down with had joined a rival bid without responding to his texts.

Was it petulant, or was it a reasonable reaction? That will no doubt polarise the debate.

Equally, might it have been courteous for the Easts to have responded to his suggestion of future meetings to say they would be making a rival bid? Again, there will be differing opinions from the pro Tamplin and pro East camps.

To be frank, events seem to have moved on and the parties have since met and tried to (unsuccessfully) to find a way to buy the club together and so relationships must have thawed a little, although are still far from cordial.

Whether either of the rival bidders would offer positions to the defeated party is perhaps something they should discuss amongst themselves.

We await further developments and will report here should anything new surface.

 is an independent website and the views expressed are not necessarily those of Dagenham & Redbridge Football Club