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Daggers in their DNA

A Conversation with John and Brian East
by Hardy on 19/08/2016

John and Brian East speak to DiggerDagger's Hardy

A Conversation with John and Brian East

If you have spent much time around Victoria Road, you probably recognise them but may not realise that the Easts have been a massive part of Dagenham & Redbridge FC's history. Their father was also President of Dagenham FC. The club is in their bones, and they have been Joint Presidents of the Daggers for the past 17 years.

Recently though, their names have been made more public as part of a group who are looking to put together an alternative to the proposed purchase of the club by Glenn Tamplin.

As a result of the interest shown by in the investment process, the brothers approached me to set a few parts of the story that is coming out from the club straight. We met in the club prior to the Lincoln City match.

Asked to help

Brian told me, "John has a background in raising finance for companies and, back in April 2016, when it became fairly obvious that the Daggers were likely to be relegated, he received a call from the Chairman asking him to attend an urgent meeting later the same week, which he did. At this meeting he was asked for his input on what could be done to fill an obvious hole in the clubs finances that was coming in to view."

John told me that various options were discussed at the meeting, from taking the club into administration, through major cutbacks to various budgets, and one where a group of investors, including the Easts and four members of the board, put up around 40,000 each to stablise the clubs finances short term, while looking to reorganise how the club was run, and seek further investment if required.

"This didn't happen in the end because three of the board members that were asked to invest decided it wasn't for them," John told me.

When asked about the longer term nature of the commitment to invest, the brothers assured me that this was not raised by them, which is in direct contrast to the statement from the club on the 27th June which says the deal put forward by the Easts was exactly what Glenn Tamplin is now offering.

John East told me "I must stress that I made no offer. I merely suggested that if six of those of us close to the club invested 40,000 each, that would stabilise the position for the current year while we looked for a longer term solution. A five year commitment was brought up, but not by me. Dave Bennett, David Ward, Brian and I were prepared to commit for one year, with two directors wishing to consider further. They subsequently declined and Dave Bennett withdrew."

John added, "So there was no offer or proposal in April and that was that, until the Tamplin offer emerged and we proposed our alternative, to give the members a choice."

John is obviously irritated that the club statement states that the basic terms of the Tamplin offer are the same as that which was discussed at this meeting. "That is simply a fabrication, and I am sure the Board minutes will confirm this."

Brian said, "After this things went quiet for a couple of months, before it emerged that Glenn Tamplin was a long way down the line with the bid that has been discussed widely since late June."

Offering an alternative

With the Daggers in their DNA, and having met Mr Tamplin, the Easts decided that they would look for a group of like minded investors to try to resurrect the original idea to fill the obvious hole in the finances and then use the time to sort the club out commercially. Having joined forces with club vice chairman David Ward, and ex-playing legend Lee Goodwin and his father, the Easts put their offer to the board shortly after they realised that the Tamplin bid was being pushed through.

The club has said that the offer from the East/Goodwin/Ward Consortium was rejected by the board, stating several times in writing and in interview that it does not stack up commercially against that from Glenn Tamplin.

Brian's view on this was "What people seem to be missing somehow is that Mr Tamplin gets effective total control of the club immediately, even though he is said to be investing over five years.

"Once he has control he can write his own deal as no mention has been made that we are aware of regarding any guarantee of the 1.25m," I was told.

Information and misinformation

I asked about the Time FM interview and Lee Goodwin's statement about upcoming tax liabilities. "Lee probably went a little off piste with that, but we do believe that the April tax bill was paid with the help of a loan from one of the members of the Tamplin 'consortium' and that a subsequent bill was also covered by another loan."

The key question, which has not been answered clearly by either side in this, is are the Daggers actually in massive money trouble?

Brian believes not immediately although there is an obvious hole in the finances down the line. "The parachute payment from the Football League is more than has been reported, but will halve next year and be gone after that unless we can get back up." With no obvious player sales on the cards to replicate the income from Dwight Gayle and Jodi Jones moving on in recent seasons that avenue is closed too.

I pressed the brothers on their longer term goals for the club. "We would ideally like to see the club remain structured as it is, but feel there are significant changes needed in the way it is run day-to-day in order to maximise income from commercial activities and the club house," Brian told me.

On turning the finances around "The turnover in the club house has flat lined over the last ten years," said Brian. "Whereas the income from the bars and function rooms used to support the team on the field in a massive way, the reliance on money from other sources as a Football League club has negated that and we believe some people have taken their eye off the ball."

Brian was also in tune with another bugbear of many supporters. "Look at the club house, how can you tell this is a football club? Where are the photos, the memorabilia? This club and it's forebears have a proud history that has been discarded it seems."

Brian went further, telling me "We wish to reconnect the club with the supporters who we see as our very important part of our proposals and revert to the vibrant club of the past which felt like everyone was pulling in the same direction even when we weren't winning."

John added "The last thing we want to do is damage the club, and we recognise that putting the potential financial problems in the public domain could do just that, but we are extremely disappointed by the way the club has laid this whole issue of an investment in the club at my door following me being asked to give input in April."

What can we conclude from that?

After that we headed different ways to go watch the Daggers beat Lincoln City and move up to fourth at this early stage of the season.

I am left with little doubt that the Easts obviously care immensely about the football club and, that they view the Tamplin bid as potentially a disaster down the line. Whether they are the answer, I cannot tell you.

They certainly deserve their chance to put their consortium's proposals properly to the Members though, on an even basis alongside the Tamplin bid, that more and more looks to be being railroaded through by the current regime. has offered the Football Club board an opportunity for comment and will publish any replies.

 is an independent website and the views expressed are not necessarily those of Dagenham & Redbridge Football Club