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The boss

Tuesday Tears
by DJ Johnny B on 02/06/2010

DJ Johnny B discusses his feelings on the Daggers unbelievable achievement in reaching League One and admits to shedding a few tears.

Tuesday Tears
As graphically demonstrated on national TV in "stunning" high definition by the clubs own Russell Powis (better known as Arkwright), it is fine to get a bit emotional when a day like Sunday May 30th 2010 comes around. It may well be a while before it happens again after all.

DJ Johnny B discusses his feelings on the Daggers unbelievable achievement in reaching League One and admits to a few tears of his own.

Summer's here
It’s already June – Summer’s here (ha!) – and because of a sporting event last Sunday this is the third day running I have been in tears. And if I keep reading messages on the Forum, looking at photos on the various websites and replaying the goals I shall be in tears every day until next season starts (and beyond maybe!) 

What a day! What an accomplishment! As Paul Fletcher says in his must read BBC blog “something truly, truly special happened at Wembley on Sunday afternoon”. In an avaricious era of money money money, greed, must–have-must-have-now philosophy, it is such a breath of fresh air that other, much more heart-warming, life affirming traits can succeed and reap such rich rewards.

To be a Dagger

The "To be a Dagger” ethic so wonderfully portrayed by our manager post match is to be marvelled at. The team spirit, never say die attitude, acceptance that things don’t always go well, that no one is a star, that we all work together can teach many of us in many different walks of life so many lessons. I have always been a non league supporter from those first days at Leytonstone in the mid 60’s.There was something indelibly intimate and meaningful about it. 

Could I have ever dreamed then, or even 10 years ago, that this would be the destination? And not the final one either. I am so proud to be a very small part of the way our club operates and is run, with great sense and a collective smile on its face. It just baffles me why others do not follow.

Where will it lead?

Where will it all lead? Who knows? Those of us who have been around a few years as supporters know that blips often follow success so it would be no surprise if we struggle next year – there is a recognised gulf to the next level. But, like others, I am not so sure. I have a feeling that lots of us underestimate our teams’ ability.

I recall thinking in our conference winning season “surely we are not the best team in this league?”, but we came first. Likewise on Sunday I felt Rotherham had by far the greater nous to defy us. Wrong again.

My partner and her best friend came on Sunday, having not seen us ‘live’ for some seasons – both remarked how good they thought we were in comparison to what they had seen before. It would not surprise me if we gave it a real go next season. We may have basically one style of play but it is effective and teams often can’t cope with it. 

The constituency of the squad will be fascinating to see – probably a few additions (and no big losses…please!) but youth is on the side of several key players like Scott Doe (left) so there may not be many changes. More squad strength/options in depth is probably the most important thing. 

And what an array of sumptuous double headers to look forward to – Orient, Charlton, Brentford, Colchester even before we get out of London and Essex!

Enjoy it

Sunday was a cracking day - nationwide our image and standing has risen. Clearly there are people around the country (and elsewhere!) who follow our results even if we are not their first team.

So lets wallow in our glory while we can, be positive and sensible financially (just look over your shoulder at the litter strewn non league and league carcasses) about the future and warmly reflect on what has been an amazing 10 year period. And remember John Still's words on Sunday evening...

He hasn’t finished yet!

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