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To do a “Gomis” - arrange with your mates to go somewhere or do something only to cry off at the last minute saying that your wife/girlfriend/agent won’t let you come out to play. (From West Country Dagger)




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by DJ Johnny B on 07/10/2005

DJ Johnny B reflects on the Stevenage game and a fear of phobias.

Like 99% of you reading this I was devastated by that 92nd minute goal on Wednesday night (even if I was sitting in a comfy armchair with a beer and a chicken kebab in my hands!) I am in danger of developing kakorrhiaphobia – the fear of failure or defeat. 

It was a really good comeback given the pasting we got in the first half – whatever others have said Stevenage are a strong side. As most have noted we could have been 2 down at least - game over - after 45 minutes so the turnaround after the break was especially reassuring to see. After 30 minutes of “We’re gonna score in a minute” pressure we finally did and I briefly (for 2 minutes?) thought that we could go on and win the game. 

Has anyone noticed the parallels with the Grays game? Almost as soon as we had equalised a first half goal, our pressure somehow dissipated and we were back under pressure and the almost inevitable Stevenage winner ensued. 

My mate, who watched the game with me, used to watch a lot of live football (West Ham, Leytonstone, Walthamstow Avenue and Dag Red) but hasn’t seen a live game for several years. This was certainly the first time he had seen our current side. And his word, which hadn’t occurred to me before but I think is accurate, was “naive”.

Perhaps we need another approach to the last 15 minutes of games (and that shouldn’t include re-signing Junior to take the ball into the corner!). It’s a young and enthusiastic side, continuing to maintain that never say die spirit. But we really do need a wise (old?) head in midfield I feel, a Brennan (right) – to slow the game down, spray out some passes. And a Heffer, too – at times in our half the home side had so many acres of room there was no way a tackle was going to happen before they reached the penalty area! 

Having said all that there were plenty of positives from an enforced selection which John Still called “thin” – Marwa did well at full back, Benson was again super sub and we saw glimpses of Mackail-Smith’s speed. Also the centre backs were solid. 

But that second Stevenage get out of gaol goal!

My culprit was actually Griffiths (left), who otherwise was excellent (possibly our MOTM), in no man’s land near the corner flag, not tracking or getting anywhere near Boyd, the undisputed star of the show. Still, what an entertaining game again and another superb advert for Conference soccer. More on Sunday, please but let’s have a win, too. It’s certainly proving to be a rollercoaster ride this season! 

Otherwise we may develop catagelophobia – a fear of being ridiculed!!

DJ Johnny B

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