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"Park Lane"
An area of tidal swampland that has been converted into something resembling a football ground with generous use of scaffolding and corrugated fencing.




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Evans charged
by Hardy on 22/09/2005

BBC Radio Lincolnshire are reporting that Steve Evans has been charged with fraud.

Evans charged with Fraud
BBC Radio Lincolnshire report that the Boston United manager Steve Evans has been charged with fraud along with former owner Pat Malkinson and current general manager John Blackwell. The Pilgrims' former bookeeper Ian Lee and former accountant Brian James have all been charged. The case is due before Bow Street Magistrates in London next Friday, where the five will be charged with conspiracy to defraud the public revenue.

Three years ago the Football Association conducted an investigation into Boston United. It found the club guilty of contract irregularities and fined it one hundred thousand pounds and docked the team four Football League points.

In a statement released to BBC Radio Lincolnshire, the Boston United chairman Jon Sotnick says he wishes to stress that "NO charges have been brought against the Football Club and that the allegations relate to a period before the current owners were in control." Steve Evans has told BBC Radio Lincolnshire that " in time I will be exonerated".

"And if you know your 'istory"
So after three years of denying any wrongdoing over the contract fiddles that were central to Boston United stretching their budgets illegally in order to build the team that pipped the Daggers to the Conference title on goal difference in 2001/02, the long, but very slow, arm of the law has finally grabbed hold of Steve Evans' scruffy collar (left) for defrauding the Revenue, something that had to be happening given the way Boston United were cooking the books.

At the time the FA Charges first arose this site speculated about the effect that running a cash economy might have at a football club. Pilgrims fans refused to believe that anything like this could be going on at their club  as if it was, the Revenue would be after the perpetrators. Well hello!

Steve Evans wriggled on the hook of the charges against him personally for as long as he could before finally being fined 8,000 and banned from the game for 20 months in March 2003, a ban he short circuited by having the start of it backdated to when he was originally suspended by Boston United in July 2002. Evans returned to manage Boston once again in March 2004 through the ingenious move of having a family friend, Jon Sotnick, buy the club.

Now at last it seems like the truth is going to come out, this time not in some FA kangaroo court but in the British Criminal justice system. Perhaps at last this vile individual will get what is coming to him.

Once again a Boston United Chairman has had to issue a statement distancing himself from events under a previous administration, the same tack Des Wood took in 2002.

Sotnick's statement today reads:

In light of the recent news that the Inland Revenue has brought charges against two current employees of Boston United Football Club, chairman Jon Sotnick, having met the working board of the club last night, would like to make the following statement.

Sotnick commented: "Firstly I must emphasise that no charges have been brought against the Football Club as has been confirmed in writing on more than one occasion. More importantly these issues cover a time period well before the current owners purchased the football club. 

"From my understanding these matters relate to a time period spanning between April 1997 to July 2001. These charges have been brought against individuals and the club will therefore make no further comment with regards to this matter. The club respects the fact that these employees will be given ample opportunity to answer these charges in a court of Law. 

"Having spoken at length with legal representatives of both the club and individuals on information currently to hand, we are confident that those individuals will be fully exonerated. As far as the club is concerned we have much more pressing issues to be concerned with. As I stated earlier no further comment will be made with regards to this matter."

The words "no further comment" are highlighted in bold three times so we expect no further comment!

"It'll really make your 'art go woo ooo ooo ooo"
Meanwhile all is definitely not all roses at York Street as the club is again stumbling through another crisis, caused by the said Mr Sotnick insisting that the club move away from York Street to a new stadium for which there is no planning permission at present as the only way to get them out of over a 1m debt.... to the Inland Revenue.

As always with Boston United there is a convoluted set of problems involving the Malkinson family who own bits of land all over Boston, and the move would also see the area's other club Boston Town needing to move to the new ground.

Fans were invited to an open forum to discuss the plans the plans last week but were less than convinced. As a result of the dissent which was being discussed on the club's unofficial forum, the Pilgrim's Patter, the club had solicitors write to webmaster Ken Fox to force him to shut the site down. Ken, who ran the official BUFC site in the club's Conference days, was so disgusted that he has also stopped his own fans website dead after ten years of hard work that had made it one of the best unofficial sites for any club in the country, closing with a statement that reads:

In response to harassment by Boston United Football Club's lawyers, I have decided to stop updating this web site from today. I no longer want anything to do with the club and will no longer be supporting them. I will keep the site up for those interested in the historical records, but it will no longer be updated. Many thanks to all the friends I have made and for all the support I have received over the last ten years that the site has been running.

It's just like old times!

 is an independent website and the views expressed are not necessarily those of Dagenham & Redbridge Football Club