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Fans Feedback

Feedback - John Still
by Hardy on 31/01/2005

We asked for feedback on the article published here last week regarding John Still's progress so far as manager of the Daggers. (updated 18/02/05)

John Still - Comments so far
We asked for feedback on the article published here last week regarding John Still's progress so far as manager of the Daggers.

Not much so far, but at the time of publishing this the accompanying poll is showing that 72% of people believe he is doing "OK" or "Brilliant" in his rebuilding job at the club.

I have asked the most public detractor of John's for an article putting the other side of the argument but so far all I have is an offer of a box of tissues. Ah well!

The offer still stands.

The following have been edited for format and punctuation only.

Ben Jackson
It's unbelievable that John's position is even being considered. Although John wasn't my first choice when he was appointed last year but my opinion of him has totally changed.

I have been to all but two games this year so I believe I am in a position to comment on the team under John this year.

As the article says, John has brought in some really young talented players (I can't remember having so many talented players that are UNDER 30 years old in the squad!). For some of these players this is the highest level of football they have consistently played in, so patience is needed.

Our style of play this season has been criticised, which in part I can agree with.BUT the best style of play is a winning style and our tactics and style has troubled many clubs this season. I am sure as the team develops a more 'ball on the floor' team will emerge.

And finally, what people have to remember is that John is working with a much tighter playing budget this year ( and I guess one much tighter than Garry Hill's budgets ever were). So bringing in established players is much harder. so we have to 'grow our own' which like anything takes time.

Keep the faith and Johnny Still's barmy army will go far.

I have to say I agree with the article put up. John Still needs time to change things around. I would certainly stay with him then ever think about moving back to another Garry Hill era.

Garry did a great job for us, but his last season I really think he crocked the club. Steve West went. Why? Lee Matthews went... why? He sold key players and where did more then a few end up.. Hornchurch. Where he eventually left to. Coincidence, I doubt very much.

I reckon Garry gets what he wants, he wanted the Hornchuch job, so he got it, he wants the Gravesend job, looks like he will get it. The way Garry left put a bad taste in my mouth especially after all he had done for this club, he did an amazing job and in my opinion seemed to throw it away in what in my eyes can be seen as a disloyal end and improving his own future team, leaving Dagenham short handed.

Now i haven't brought this up before basically because Garry did such a good job, but you have to remember John is picking up the brunt of a poor team he was left with. Give him until next season, then see if things change.

David Howe
Come on, shouldn't we think about bringing in a player manager. That could be the answer so we would get 2 people for the price of one if you think about it.
West Country Dagger
Like the majority of your readers, I too was surprised that some fans were starting to complain about the job John Still is doing. Come on lads - get a life!

The current period of rebuilding was inevitable once the club did not win promotion in 2002 and 2003. That team - good as it was - was bound to age and move on. The problem, however, was made worse by Garry Hillís choices of who to get rid of and who to bring in. As many correspondents to this site have said, the decisions to get rid of sound players (Steve West and Lee Matthews for example) are hard to explain. And, as Digger Dagger noted last year, the players brought in to Ďfreshen upí the squad were generally from teams that had struggled in the Conference the previous year. Little wonder that, with a couple of exceptions, these players also struggled when playing for Dagenham.

John Still picked up a club that could have continued on a gentle decline into Conference South and then onto the lost world of the Rymans. Instead, the club has stabilised and a new crop of potentially exciting players has been brought on. OK, the season so far has been a bit of a yo-yo, performance wise, but gradually a settled team is emerging. The youngsters who are learning their trade this year will be that much more experienced next year and it is already possible to see the nucleus of a strong squad, capable of challenging in league and cups, being put together.

If you look back over the history of the Conference, very few teams manage to stay strong, challenging at the top year after year. They all go through periods of rebuilding and reshaping and it is the clubs who have a clear vision and plan that re-emerge stronger and better focussed. I, for one, think that John Still has the right plan and vision for the club.

Chris Skinsley
To be honest when the appointment was made I was disappointed, not because of the credentials of John Still but that we were looking to the past for success. However I gave Mr. Still my full support and continue to do so. I knew the financial constraints that were in place yet I did not understand how severe they were going to be, therefore the appointment can be seen as safety and one that I fully justify. I want a club to support and would not want that to be compromised by any actions of a manager in pursuit of league football.

Personally I consigned this season, before a ball was kicked, as a rebuilding season. I will only judge John Still from August 7th 2005 even though thatís a full 15 months into his appointment. My only reservation is how long certain players will remain at the club given the situation.

It must be made clear that John Stillís remit was to stabilise this football club coupled with reducing the wage bill considerably. His earliest interviews echoed this and has continued to reiterate this key point. Those that see the rest of this season as a write-off I would judge as being too hasty. I believe this is even a more critical time for the club in order to progress. The concentration on youth will always take time but our policy will create a nucleus of good players that will bring the club success.

Travelling back from Scarborough I thought about the huge transformation that has occurred at the club. Twelve months prior the same journey was made knowing that Garry Hill had just resigned and the club was in turmoil. 

Stability is crucial and while we will lose games the club is moving in the right direction. 

Put your point of view will publish any article that is relevant and well written.

If you have an opinion you would like to share, email me and I'll put it up.

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