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A group of people that moan continually how few you took to their ground then turn up with a quarter the number at your place.




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Do FA!

Evans returns to shame the FA
by Hardy on 02/03/2004

His ban over, tomorrow Steve Evans returns to the hot seat at Boston United as they take on Southend in a relegation 6 pointer. Hardy looks at why the FA should be ashamed of themselves.

FA must take the blame as Evans returns
Tomorrow Steve Evans will take charge of Boston United for a match against Southend United officially as manager for the first time since the day they "won" the Conference in April 2002. Having served his time for his part in Bostongate he is free to return to football and goes immediately back into his old job after his business associate, Jon Sotnick, bought the club last month.

So is that justice done for the illegal contracts scandal that emerged shortly after Boston pipped the Daggers to the Conference title on goal difference in 2001/02?

What was actually happening at Boston?

The best expose of what was going on at Boston United was published in the Sunday Telegraph shortly before the end of 2002 and detailed the deliberate falsification of contracts by Evans.

The Telegraph article states that Steve Evans (left) would routinely write out a contract for a footballer, which the player signed, and he would then ask the player to sign two other blank contracts, saying he would fill them out later to save time.... the two blank contracts were then filled out with lower figures without the players' knowledge. These were then passed to (Club Secretary) Blackwell, an innocent party in the deception, who retained one of them and lodged the other with the FA.

The FA's compliance officer, Graham Bean, investigating the situation at Boston United found that "Far from the occasional irregular payment, it was apparent there was a systematic deception involving large amounts of cash being ferried around town to various banks and being paid over the counter into players' accounts."

When cornered by Bean and his team Evans reaction was very revealing. When Bean flew to Glasgow to interview one of the players involved in the scandal, Jim Dick he was contacted at the Airport on arrival. He was really panicking," Bean recalls. "He was whispering and it sounded if he was calling from some sort of toilet area. He said to me: 'Look, there's someone going to be coming with me to our meeting. Whatever you do, don't let him into the meeting. I don't care what explanation you give him, but just don't let him in'. I asked him who the person was and he replied: 'I don't know, but he's a big lad. I'll explain everything later'."

Having arranged that he would meet Dick in private, Mr Bean learned that Evans had offered an 8,000 bribe to Dick to keep his mouth shut. Dick revealed he had had telephone conversations with Evans and Malkinson the previous day and that he had been offered 8,000. A contact of Evans had later turned up at his home with an envelope stuffed full of cash. Dick told Bean how the Boston manager had arranged for the "cash transfer" personally, driving north before handing the money over to the contact in a pub car park halfway between Lincolnshire and Scotland.

As suspected by many who took an interest in the affairs of Bostongate, it seems that the club was running a cash economy, thus avoiding taxes, and effectively making its income go much further in building its squad to win the Conference, a goal it achieved by just 19 goals at the end of the season, denying the Daggers a place in the Football League as a result.

The FA investigation lead to a total of 16 charges against the club itself, Evans and then ex-chairman Pat Malkinson. After a period of denial, the club then suspended Evans shortly before the hearing and pleaded guilty to the charges against it while Evans and Malkinson denied some of the charges against them.

On the 19th July 2002 the FA announced that Boston United would face a footballing penalty of four points deducted and a fine of 100,000, but that the points deduction would take effect in the 2002/03 season thereby allowing the club to keep its ill-gotten gains of promotion.

After much wriggling on the hook, Evans was punished with a fine of 8,000 and banned from football for 20 months in January 2003. He appealed the ban, and unbelievably although it stood, the start date was backdated from March 2003 to the date of his suspension in July 2002.

That ban runs out today, and as of tomorrow Evans takes up his old post at Boston United, a Third Division club.

So what is the message in that?
The conclusion to be drawn from this whole sorry affair is that the FA is as weak as water when it comes to cleaning up the game of football in England.

Under two years on from the investigation by Graham Bean that found Steve Evans and Boston United guilty of deliberately and systematically deceiving the FA, and then of Evans and Pat Malkinson then attempting bribery to cover up what they had done, Boston still has its place in the Football league, and Evans is back at his desk in charge.

Evans has "served his time" and is now able to return to football, but for Boston United to take him back is cynicism of the absolute worst kind. Evans former assistant Neil Thompson, a man that wrestled with the four point deduction and no money in 2002/03 to see Boston finish a respectable 15th was summarily sacked by Sotnick a day after he took over the club to make way for Evans, although the club staged a charade saying it was looking at a short list of applicants for the vacant job. That is the kind of organisation that Boston United is once again.

Boston are once again this season sitting in a perilous position just four points out of the Third Division relegation places. Natural justice would see Evans bring them back down to the Conference, where he would have to relinquish the role of manager having been banned from managing in that competition for 10 years.

If there is a god....

Meanwhile, Jim Rodwell (right, courtesy who took temporary charge of Boston United when Neil Thompson was sacked is being appointed Director of Football to oversee Evans dealings as manager. Rodwell was signed by Evans and is a self-confessed Evans fan, so I am sure Steve will be quaking in his boots about that despite promises from Jon Sotnick that Evans dealings will be closely watched.

In the Telegraph article on the subject Graham Bean, who has since left the FA complaining of its unwillingness to clean up the game concludes "The sad thing about this whole story is that at the greatest moment in Boston's history, one man did so much to damage the club's reputation. In everything that went wrong at the club, Steve Evans was the common denominator."

Welcome back Steve Evans.

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