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On the Radio!

BBC Essex Update
by Hardy on 16/04/2003

A couple of weeks back there were a number of adverse comments on the Unofficial Forum with regard to coverage on BBC Essex. Glenn Speller, Sports Producer for the station, responds.

BBC Essex Update

Last season Glenn Speller (right) Sports Producer and presenter of BBC Essex's Saturday sport programme did an in depth interview for the site on the station and it's coverage of the Daggers. The original interview can be found here.

Following some adverse comments on the Unofficial Forum about coverage of the Daggers on what is our local radio station, Glenn has responded. Here's what he had to say.

On the Morecambe game

I commented that there was no report from Morecambe on the station between half time when the Daggers were leading and late in the game when we were suddenly 2-1 down and playing with ten.

Glenn explained "We had MAJOR technical problems in getting things out of Morecambe but we did give the score out. We didn't have a report until later due to the tech problems. It may sound like an excuse but unfortunately it's true."

"All I can do is apologise for the problems we experienced at the weekend but these were beyond our control and just as frustrating to us. We did still get a final report at 17:05 and an interview with Garry when we sorted everything out."

On General coverage of the Daggers
Once again, of the counties three top sides it is the Daggers who are having by far the more interesting late season games, yet the station still broadcasts live commentary from Colchester and Southend games.

Glenn had this to say. "As for the comments about Colchester and Southend coverage, as I've explained before we have a contract with them, which we've paid for, to do ALL their games so that's what we'll do, even if they have little to play for. It's the same with other stations across the country. We sign a contract and take our chances."

He went on, "There have been a couple of Saturdays this year when Southend haven't been playing and we've put Daggers on the southern frequencies - the Trophy match with Marlow is one prime example. I realise that was a home match but we still did it. There have also been Cup games this year where we've split our frequencies three ways to get the Daggers on as well but technically this is both time consuming, difficult and very expensive."

On last season he said, "As I'm sure you'll realise, last season, as the campaign reached a crescendo we gave the Daggers more and more coverage. That will be the case this year as well. If and when Daggers get promoted then of course they'll get equal billing to Colchester and Southend.

Is Dagenham in Essex?
Glenn was very strong in his response to the Daggers not being regarded as an Essex side. He said "As for the comments about us not believing Dagenham is in Essex that's WRONG. We have to explain to Colchester and Southend fans that we regard Dagenham as very much in Essex and that is why we give them so much coverage."
On midweek coverage
On the Monday after the game at Morecambe the Daggers played at Leigh RMI. Again there were comments about BBC Essex not covering the match.

Glenn explained some economics on this one. "As far as the Leigh game goes it wasn't cost effective for us to send a commentary team up there on a Monday night with the small audience it might have got."

He continued "Believe it or not football is an extremely expensive sport to broadcast and budget restrictions prevented me from doing what I would have liked to have done (I am answerable to a Managing Editor). We did have a report and a piece with Garry on our Breakfast Show on the Tuesday morning after the game."

On BBC Essex's coverage on Saturday's
Glenn was indignant about comments on the station's coverage on Saturday afternoon's. Here's what he had to say.

"I am a bit puzzled about the comment regarding our Saturday coverage - how is two pieces between 2 and 3, three reports a half plus goals, a half-time, full-time and considered report plus interviews between 5 and 6 not satisfactory coverage? We also now put the audio interviews after matches on our website!"

He repeated the best place to find the coverage. " The BEST frequency in Dagenham is 765MW otherwise there are the two FM freqeuncies of 103.FM and 95.3FM which can be heard in different parts of the Dagenham area - it just takes a bit of twiddling!"

Internet commentaries
Glenn also announced to me a new feature for BBC Essex, internet commentaries.

The station will now put commentary of the remaining matches for Dagenham and Redbridge on the BBC Essex website. If supporters go to and then follow the links to the sports pages they'll find commentary from 3 o'clock.

 is an independent website and the views expressed are not necessarily those of Dagenham & Redbridge Football Club