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Steve Evans

The Evans Files
by Hardy on 03/12/2001

The Evans Files are a collection of the reported sayings of Boston United's manager Steve Evans. The feature will grow as more stories are unearthed. With no Goal of the Month in March we have decided that the column should become a standing feature for now.

The Evans Files

So it is all over and Boston United are Conference Champions. Congratulations to the Pilgrims and good luck in Division Three next season.

For much of the season it was a straight race between Boston United and Dagenham & Redbridge and throughout the words of Boston United's manager, Steve Evans, have caused much merriment to Hardy at DiggerDagger in particular. This is an ongoing collection of quotes and stories about the great man, who is never afraid to let the facts get in the way of a good line to the press. If you have one that isn't here, let me know.

Steve Evans has had a fine record as a manager, but his mouth often gets him into trouble as he refuses to let his team's results take the headlines. He received a 10 match touchline ban after being reported for "foul and abusive language" by a match official in a match at Hayes, while he was under a suspended six match from a similar offence earlier in the season. Somehow though he has managed to get away without serving this ban due to repeated appeals.

During a previous similar touchline ban Evans was spotted sitting directly behind the dug-out passing instructions to his team on the bench. Given the ability of Mr Evans to make himself heard though, it is likely that the only way to stop him getting instructions to the bench would be to deport him to his native Scotland. Hmmmmm now there is a thought!!

Anyway, on to the stories...

Picture courtesy of Adam Upsall of

Dave Andrews has the last word
The popular Chairman of Dagenham & Redbridge FC, Dave Andrews, was interviewed for the Nationwide site about the end of the season. He was in an upbeat mood despite losing out on promotion to the Football League on goal difference.

When asked to comment about our dear friend Steve Evans Dave admitted the Pilgrims boss has been hurtful on occasions. He dismissed Evans' claims that Daggers players had done a lap of honour after they'd beaten the Lincolnshire-based side in their last meeting at Victoria Road.

"We treat his comments with the contempt they deserve," commented the Daggers chief. "Our players were thanking the fans and showing their appreciation. Perhaps Steve Evans doesn't appreciate his?"


Proof if any were needed
So the Nationwide Conference championship 2001/02 is finally decided and its Boston who win on goal difference. Given the opportunity to prove the apologists right and that all the bullshit throughout the season had been gamesmanship and psychology by acknowledging that the title could have gone either way he decided that it would be better to wheel out the same old "lap of honour" story again. The fact that he chose this moment to continue the feud with Garry Hill proves that he is the obnoxious character that many had suspected.

The Daily Telegraph, under a headline "Boston have last laugh", writes ""Laps of honour are for champions, not for winning a single game," crowed Boston's Steve Evans."

The same story was also repeated in most of the other nationals, and all the reports seem to have used the word "crowed" for Evans' attitude in winning the league. This word is defined at as:

  • To utter the shrill cry characteristic of a cock or rooster.
  • To exult loudly, as over another's defeat; boast. See Synonyms at boast1.
  • To make a sound expressive of pleasure or well-being, characteristic of an infant.

Pick which of the above you think fits Steve Evans. (29/4/02)

Picking the opponents team
After a very quiet month by Steve's standards Evans broke cover by claiming that the Daggers opponents in the last game of the season are planning to field a weakened team.

In a story at the BBC Conference site Evans is quoted as saying "Word has come out from a source at Chester that they are going to play a weakened side at Dagenham. I will be asking for a meeting of my board of directors on Wednesday and we will, I would suggest, be making a full report to the Conference and the FA."

Then he added "But I would like to place on the record that Mark Wright and Ted McMinn are top-class professionals. Certainly when I've managed teams against them their players have given everything they had."

So does he believe Chester are planning to chuck the game or not? Very confusing.

With his team needing a win at all but relegated Hayes to clinch the title, you would think that he would be worrying about that and not who will be in the Chester line up in a game rendered academic if Boston perform as champions. (24/4/02)

In a further twist to this story Chester City's owner Stephen Vaughan is so insensed by Evan's inferences that he is said to be considering legal action.

In the Chester Evening Leader Vaughan said, "Steve Evans will receive a piece of Mark Wright's mind and a piece of my mind when we next see him. We are a professional outfit and we will do what we will do to try and win our match at Dagenham. There is no sentiment in this game, and we're annoyed about Steve Evans' remarks."

He continued, "This is the same person that wanted Mark Wright's job at Oxford after Mark had been suspended. Evans has accused us and I'm going to take legal action against him." (25/4/02)

"We will fight them on the beaches..."
Steve Evans stopped just short of invoking the spirit of Winston Churchill and the blitz in his latest plea to the embattled and unloved people of Boston to get to York Street and support his team.

"This town and the people who live in it are special, so let's all give this our best shot. No-one outside Boston wants us to win the league in preference to Dagenham, but I ask each of you to come and give us your support."

A Boston insider tells me that there are strong rumours that Evans has recently applied for the jobs at Hull City and Doncaster Rovers and that just a few weeks ago he described Boston as "out on a limb in darkest Lincolnshire".

Two-faced and kipper are terms that spring to mind. (6/4/02)

Gob almighty!
During the game at Southport on April Fools Day, Steve Evans was once again removed from the bench during the game for abusing the officials. Interestingly once the source of earache left the bench Boston United managed to turn the game around, winning 3-2 after being 2-0 down.

When interviewed after the game Mr Evans stated that the fourth official had been asking his number two Neil Thompson to quiet down when Steve had felt the need to intervene and ask the official to leave the bench alone to do its work. He didn't state how exactly he had phrased the request. In the interview Evans also accused the match referee, Mr Tanner, of bias towards Southport.

Evans was also sent off from the bench in last seasons match at Haig Avenue. Maybe it is the sea air? (2/4/02)

The poor man's Fergie
In an interview on Radio Lincolnshire after the 3-1 home win over Telford United Steve Evans concluded when asked about whether Barnet could gain a result against the Daggers on Tuesday night, "No, Barnet are not good enough."

How much more transparent can you be in trying to motivate your rivals opponents than that? This is maybe a small miscalculation though since Boston play Barnet live on TV (Boston played 2, lost 2 on TV) on March 29th and I would guess that Peter Shreeves will find Evans' comments more useful in the dressing room before that game than on Tuesday. (18/3/02)

Hear Steve Evans' comments yourself in an interview on the Telford game at the BBC Radio Lincolnshire site which is here.

In an article published in that august organ, The Times following Dagenham & Redbridge's 3-1 win over Stevenage Borough, Evans' wheeled out all the same vitriol again about the Daggers premature celebrations after the win over Boston United the previous week, but with an added spice, taunting Garry Hill personally this time.

"After the match Jim Rodwell made a comment that the actions are what you would expect of a Sunday morning team, but is that not the level where Garry Hill played his football?" Steve apparently wrote in his programme notes for the Dover game.

Interestingly The Times item states "Garry Hill, the Dagenham manager, may have moved on to more immediate matters - a Mark Stein hat-trick helped his side to beat Stevenage Borough last night - but Evans is still rankled by what he considers to have been premature jubilation by Dagenham after their victory over Boston." As the item below is entitled, obsession!!

The Times news article is here.

Also in the national press, the Telegraph's report of the Stevenage game noted that "Mark Stein collected his second hat-trick of the season at Broadhall Way last night to restore Dagenham & Redbridge's six-point lead at the top of the Nationwide Conference, much to the irritation of Steve Evans. It was with a thoroughly disgruntled expression on his face that the manager of Dagenham's most serious rivals, Boston United, watched Stein reply twice within five minutes to a late Stevenage equaliser." (12/3/02)

In the Boston Standard following the Dagenham & Redbridge game once again our "old mate" Steve was banging on about the Daggers rather than his own side, who have lost 4 of their last 5 games now, including 3 straight league defeats.

He said, "We are down but not downhearted. Dagenham face tough games at Hereford and Stevenage and could quite easily lose and draw. That would mean we would have a chance of going top again against Telford a week on Saturday it's far from over yet."

Now he's also interested in how many coaches we take to away games. "Dagenham may have a good away record, but they don't have good away support and that's what you need right now. Our fans were cheering us until the end against Dagenham and real fans are there when you need them most."

Shame your team ignored the great away support at Victoria Road at the end of the game then Steve!!

The rest of the article was mostly a rehash of the "disrespectful" rubbish again. When will this man stop whining about the Daggers and start thinking about what he can effect, the poor form of his own team? (8/3/02)

The Collymore affair
In the summer of 2001 there was widespread press coverage of an attempt by Steve Evans at Boston to sign wayward striker Stan Collymore. The attempt came to nothing at the time and was largely forgotten.

Stan the Man is interviewed in the current edition of FourFourTwo magazine and was asked about the episode with Boston United:

You were reported to be joining Boston United FC in the summer, what happened to that?

(more than a little affronted) I was on holiday, Boston Utd said they had made contact with me. I've had no contact to this day with Boston United.

Boston fans say that a similar episode occured with a reported attempt to sign Andy Townsend with Evans' reporting that he was discussing the possibility with Middlesbrough. It was subsequently pointed out that Townsend's registration was with West Bromwich Albion at the time.

I can't even start to understand what the hell that one is about!! (7/3/2002)

Losing as an art form?
After the vital Conference clash between the Daggers and Boston at Victoria Road in front of 3,805 Evans' was "disgusted" at the disrespectful behaviour of the Dagenham & Redbridge players who "sang 'We are the Champions', banged on the Boston dressing room door and took a lap of honour after the game".

While I can't vouch for the dispicable triumphalism of enjoying a vital win over your closest rivals by singing and taking the mickey, I can tell Steve that the players at Dagenham & Redbridge always circle the pitch and applaud the crowd (see left), win, lose or draw. It is part of the rapport between the Victoria Road crowd and the team.

Steve Evans was at the Dover Athletic game on the 23rd February when a tight and distinctly unglorious 1-0 win over the bottom club was also greeted by the same disrespectful behaviour but obviously left before it occurred.

The bond between the Dagger fans and their team compares very favorably to the attitude shown by Steve Evans' team that trooped off at the end of the game without acknowledging the 800 or so that had travelled from Boston for a mid-week game that was also on the TV. (4/3/2002)

Hear Steve Evans' comments yourself in an interview on the Dagenham & Redbridge game at the BBC Radio Lincolnshire site which is here.

Evans' the Teddy chucker

Following his sides 4-3 defeat by Hereford United live on Sky TV Steve was interviewed and was visibly upset, almost Keegan'esque. "We may have lost here today but let me tell you something Garry, it's not all over yet mate." Evans then proceeded to storm into the home dressing room, nearly destroying the door as it slammed shut and, seemingly forgetting that there was a camera in the room, layed into his team.

Garry Hill, who was in the studio as a guest summariser for Sky could hardly conceal his wry smile at these antics. With Boston just a point behind and fifteen games to go it is a long way short of over, but with his main rival for the title frothing at the mouth on live TV it is advantage Garry Hill and Dagenham & Redbridge. (18/2/02)

In Garry's pre-match comments before the Dover game on the following Saturday he said "As we saw the other night with the Boston against Hereford game, nerves are going to take a big part and there are those that can handle it and those that can't." (22/2/02)

Good imagination part 2

"I have noticed that Dagenham boss Garry Hill believes the Nationwide Conference title is his - but I have to remind my old mate that no championship has ever been won in the month of January. The Nationwide Conference championship race has just over three months to go, and this could be the biggest month in the history of the club." (10/1/02)

Maybe Steve has dreams where Garry Hill torments him with all these predictions as no-one else can find when he said anything like this.

Modest Steve...

"Margate are having a brilliant season and it will be their biggest crowd of the season because Boston are in town." (30/11/01)

The crowd on the day was 1745, over 300 down on the visit by Doncaster Rovers in October, and also less than for the Barnet game. With Dover yet to visit, this may not be even in the top 3 attendances at Hartsdown by the end of the season.

Maths - F

"I'm pretty envious when I look at the numbers Dagenham, Stevenage and Doncaster have." on his squad of 18 compared to Dagenham's of errrr, 19 and a trainee. (27/11/01)

"(The pressure is on) Dagenham (to win at home) now with their crowds up to nearer 2000 from 900 for last season" (19/12/01).

D&R's average crowd in 2000/01 was 1247, to date this season it is 1651.

On Phil Gray...

"He wanted to join an ambitious club and has turned down a few other offers to come here." (10/10/01)

The Northern Ireland international was sent-off on his debut and missed the club's FA Cup tie with Brigg Town, which they disasterously lost 1-0, because Oxford did not want him cup-tied.

"... we are not going to pursue it any further at the moment." (6/11/01)

Good imagination?

Apparently Garry Hill "claimed the championship" in early October, a claim for which the only reference appears to be Steve Evans himself...

"We're third - what a disaster," Evans joked. "When we went top, I said the leaders would change many times this season. But after Garry Hill's comments, all the other managers might as well put their flip-flops on and get ready for the summer.

"I genuinely think we, along with Doncaster, Barnet and Yeovil, are candidates for promotion.

"But when you've already got the winners - as Dagenham have said they are - the rest of us can only try to be runners-up and prepare to win the Conference next season," he added with a grin. (9/10/01)

Backing your team...

After Dagenham & Redbridge left York Street with all 3 points on 19th September 2001...

"One or two players let the team down with individual errors. These are things a manager cannot legislate for. But if people are not capable of cutting them out, then changes will be made." (20/9/01)

 is an independent website and the views expressed are not necessarily those of Dagenham & Redbridge Football Club